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TI160-P11 - Thermal Imaging Camera (Thermal Monitoring System)

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TI160-P11 - Thermal Imaging Camera (Thermal Monitoring System) Ulirvision - Thermal Monitoring System

TI160-P11 - Thermal Imaging Camera (Thermal Monitoring System)

Thermal Monitoring System

Ulirvision TI160-11 is a special Thermal Imaging Camera developed specifically for non-contact human body temperature measurement & monitoring. It is the perfect and cost-effective solution to measure and monitor human body temperature in cases where high people traffic with wide range of environment temperature is present (especially outdoors) with its integrated facial recognition.

It can be easily integrated into all existing CCTV systems or operated in Stand-Alone Mode. Just install the provided software in a PC and connect the TI160-P11, and you are now ready for active and real-time body temperature monitoring. This system covers everything required to measure, monitor, record and alert as part of the monitoring.

Ulirvision TI160-P11 automatically scans and identifies the face of everyone in the FOV and measures the highest temperature of that person. Multiple subjects are measured in parallel at the same time, if they are in the FOV.

If the measured temperature is higher than the safety limit, the buzzer immediately sounds and the person's photos are taken (both visible photo and thermal photo). All this happens with you being able to view everything on a bigger monitor screen at a safe distance!

Each measurement takes 100ms only, to an accuracy of below ±0.3°C.

Ulirvision is the leader in providing Thermal Monitoring Systems which are widely used in airports, dock, train stations, schools, shopping malls and other public places to check human body temperature abnormalities.

Reliable performance and accurate temperature measurement can effectively improve the efficiency of detection.


  • Advanced Thermal Monitoring System which integrates thermal imaging + HD visible light imaging + thermal temperature measurement + intelligent facial recognition
  • High precision Thermographic Monitoring with auto temperature correction which eliminates temperature drift and provides years of stable operation
  • Unique dual-view image registration mechanism matches the FOV of both thermal image and visible light image
  • Intelligent monitoring with hybrid display showing human body temperature, visible light image, thermal image and temperature measurement scale 
  • Intelligent over-temperature alarm which tracks multiple subject simultaneously and provides alert with build-in buzzer and led indicator
  • Unique dual-view image registration mechanism matches the FOV of both thermal image and visible light image

THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA, Thermography Monitoring Systems, Fever Screening System, body temperature measurement for human traffic monitoring in Singapore, Johor, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Pulau Pinang, Penang, Malaysia. Automatic body thermal measurement system. Saturn Pyro is top supplier of Thermal Fever Scanners & Thermometers in Malaysia. We offer a wide range of Thermometers, Thermal Imager and Body Scanners for fever screening. Contact Us Now for the best solution for you.

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